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Oana looks after our creative content for clients. She can speak five languages, so give her a call and test her Spanish, Romanian, French and German. Often found teetering on high heels – a real shoe lover!
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02 07, 2019

Fresh Faces - Gail

By Oana Baetica | Jul 02, 2019 | category: Fresh PR | No Comments

Fresh PR has long serving members of staff who make everything happen – from taking client briefs to copywriting and organizing events. Between us, we have it all covered. We thought we'd[...]

25 06, 2019

How to create attractive visuals with repurposed content

The old adage that invites us to ‘work smarter, not harder’ is easy enough to say. But many marketing people struggle to put it into practice and, as a result, they’re always busy and in a hurry,[...]

11 06, 2019

Recycle, reuse, reduce!

Although the mantra of ‘recycle, reuse, reduce’ has been used with great success in eco-friendliness campaigns, it can also serve as a goal for your company’s content marketing efforts.

22 02, 2019

Trend alert: Conversational marketing

Believe it or not, conversational marketing is not about those water-cooler moments in the marketing department. Nor is it about chatting about the weather to your customers before you make a[...]

06 02, 2019

Rise of the machines in the workplace

By Oana Baetica | Feb 06, 2019 | category: Technical marketing | No Comments

Thanks to increasingly more efficient machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a reality in every part of our world. Marketing is certainly not excluded, and AI[...]

28 01, 2019

What is BANT and why should you care?

By Oana Baetica | Jan 28, 2019 | category: Technical marketing | No Comments

The sales world is filled with acronyms that people often dismiss as gobbledygook. This can be off-putting because sometimes those acronyms carry important nuggets of marketing knowledge. One such[...]

15 01, 2019

Future trends in marketing

You’ve heard it a million times before: “Content is king!” But what does that mean exactly? How are businesses expected to strategically plan, develop, organise and distribute their marketing[...]

12 11, 2018

Three things often unknown about exhibitions

By Oana Baetica | Nov 12, 2018 | category: Exhibitions | No Comments

The Internet is awash with advice on how to prepare for and what to bring to trade shows and exhibitions. Book early, plan ahead, always staff the stand… do these sound familiar? If so, that’s[...]

27 06, 2018

Using social media at industrial exhibitions

By Oana Baetica | Jun 27, 2018 | category: Exhibitions, Technical marketing | No Comments

In a surprising move, pub giant JD Wetherspoon announced earlier this year that it will shut down its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. This change would go against most companies’ marketing[...]

12 03, 2018

Hypathia - the first woman in STEM

To coincide wirh 100 years of (some) women getting the vote in the UK, we've been celebrating the #Vote100 milestone by publishing a series of blog posts that feature truly remarkable lives and[...]

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