20 08, 2019

How to write a powerful case study that convinces your audience

Case studies remain the hottest type of content in your marketing arsenal – a fact many companies are waking up to. That’s without a doubt a great step in the right direction but getting case[...]

30 07, 2019

Fresh becomes a Silver HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

Fresh PR is delighted to announce that we have achieved silver tier status as a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner just six months after starting with the HubSpot Agency Partner program. It[...]

25 06, 2019

How to create attractive visuals with repurposed content

The old adage that invites us to ‘work smarter, not harder’ is easy enough to say. But many marketing people struggle to put it into practice and, as a result, they’re always busy and in a hurry,[...]

11 06, 2019

Recycle, reuse, reduce!

Although the mantra of ‘recycle, reuse, reduce’ has been used with great success in eco-friendliness campaigns, it can also serve as a goal for your company’s content marketing efforts.

19 03, 2019

A lioness in the salesroom

Valuable sales lessons from HubSpot and Dan Tyre’s bootcamp 

I am not a sales person. The thought of selling fills me with dread. I’d rather do a skydive (I hate flying and heights) and land in a[...]

25 02, 2019

Social media #hashtag calendar

From charity fundraising to business topics to food, there is a vast amount of hashtag days where companies can create content relevant to their industries, generate awareness or get involved with[...]

22 02, 2019

Trend alert: Conversational marketing

Believe it or not, conversational marketing is not about those water-cooler moments in the marketing department. Nor is it about chatting about the weather to your customers before you make a[...]

07 11, 2017

We're Inbound Certified!

To support our dedication to delivering the very best technical marketing services and our continued growth, I have recently become Inbound Certified by Hubspot Academy.

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